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How to recognize a premium chocolate ?

The chocolate has to heighten our 5 senses to increase the pleasure !


The chocolate has to be shiny. Its color gives us information about the origin of the beans. A Grand Cru of dark chocolate must have a black-brown color. The more mahogany nuances there are, finer the chocolate will be.


A high quality chocolate must be brittle and solid. Its consistence must be perfectly smooth and you must feel the finesse of the bean. You can test by placing a square of chocolate inside your hand and close it. Wait 20 seconds. If the square did not melt, it means that the chocolate is one a bad quality.


Hearing allows us to reinforce the feeling that we had by touching it. When you break the chocolate bar, you must hear a sharp and small sound.


Chocolate has a strong smell. Smell is a particularly important in tasting. It comes with the appreciation of tastes. The stronger its smell is, the best it will be.

And finally... Taste

Its texture must be silky and smooth. Put a square of chocolate on the tip of your tongue and let it melt against the palate, enjoy the different flavors ... that of the cocoa's bitterness which gives body to the chocolate ... that of the sugar that softens. At the tasting, the chocolate must be "round" in the mouth. It must have bouquet: it must have a rich taste and a powerful flavor.