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Our origins

Our chocolate tablets are made from 70% minimum cocoa (30% added sugar). However, the intensities may vary depending on the origin of the cocoa. The origin of our cocoa beans may have a great influence on the flavors of our different chocolates.

2015 was marked by the integration of a new traditional craftsmanship. Indeed, we learnt the roasting of cocoa beans to transform them into chocolate, and thus we integrated a processing line of cacao beans which process is the following: roasting, selecting, crushing, pre-grinding, conching process, tempering process.

We invite you to discover our single origins with intensity, color and flavor that will amaze you.

The countries of origin

We have 6 different origins: Dominican Republic, Peru, Madagascar, Tanzania, Haiti and Ecuador.

Like "terroirs" for wine or coffee, the nature of the soils and the countries of our cocoa beans, will reveal different flavors.

The idea is that subtlety is already in chocolate. Cocoa beans is an agricultural commodity. It is grown by different people, on different soils, under different climates. These farmers harvest more or less at optimal ripeness. The fermentation of the beans may be shorter or longer. As well as the drying... All this must end up in the final product.

We can see it when we receive the beans, as soon as we open the bag: we must adapt to each arrival and try to respect the different tastes coming from each country. Let's take the beans from Madagascar, it's a real challenge to enhance their natural flavors with passion fruit, lemon and banana's notes as well as to make sure that we can find them into chocolate bar at the end.

Organic cocoa is only 0.5% of the cocoa world market. We selected organic origins of premium quality to get different flavors from one continent to the other and from one island to the other.