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Our Savoir-Faire

Les Chocolats de Pauline are the taste of chocolate first! Our simple but no way less delicious recipes are designed to release all the chocolate's aromas, with an uncompromising approach and without interfering with added ingredients. The aromas give good length on the palate, in a subtle and delicate manner...

Since 2006, Les Chocolats de Pauline have a wide and 100% organic range: chocolate tablets and bars, chocolate gift boxes, « praliné » chocolates, figures or shapes for Christmas and Easter, treats and snacking and other candied fruits coated with chocolate. From 2, we are now up to 42 people, all chocoholics!

We look for the best and it starts with the quality of the cocoa beans. We carefully select them to make you taste all the diversity of the cocoa flavors. We propose a gourmet trip around the world to discover varied soils and subtle and delicate flavors