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Our quality

LES CHOCOLATS DE PAULINE commitment: to offer you a premium chocolate tasting, with pure cocoa butter and no lecithin.

Pure cocoa butter: many chocolates contain vegetable fats to replace cocoa butter. These fats can be used up to 5% maximum. They can be: palm oil, mango cores, etc.

In a cocoa bean, there is 55% dry matter and 45% fat. Nowadays, both are dissociated: cocoa butter (fat) is dissociated from the powder (dry matter), because they are used independently in the agri-food industry. Cocoa butter is also used to make white chocolate and milk chocolate: the butter is therefore rarer and more expensive than powder. Thus, in many dark chocolates is added lecithin which is an emulsifier (often derived from soya) to bind the ingredients (to compensate for the cocoa butter lack, which should play this role naturally).

No lecithin: lecithin (soya or sunflower lecithin, etc.) is an emulsifier and a binder. It makes possible to link the fat (cocoa butter) with the other ingredients. Therefore, the chocolate becomes easier to handle (tempering, molding and demolding process). Lecithin contributes to the final product shine and brightness. Working with a lecithin-free chocolate is therefore more difficult and requires more rigor: the chocolate artisan must know its product perfectly and master the temperature curve, between the melting and the crystallization, which must follow its chocolate. It is an artisanal « savoir-faire » that our skilled chocolatiers of LES CHOCOLATS DE PAULINE master perfectly today.

High cocoa content: high cocoa content allows a positive nutritional impact because it induces a high content of flavonoids, compounds which allow the increase of the « good cholesterol » while lowering the concentration of the « bad cholesterol », responsible for cardiovascular disease. The high cocoa content makes possible to obtain a chocolate with a strong presence in the mouth and a unique personality. The work on the beans, the roasting process and the recipes control will guarantee access to all chocolate aromas.

To propose a chocolate with these 3 above mentioned characteristics meet the chocoholics expectations for several reasons:

  • The use of lecithin and vegetable fats, which differ from cocoa butter, modifies the behavior of chocolate when you savor it. Indeed, the cocoa butter has a very particular and perfectly balanced molecular structure. It offers the peculiarity of melting at 36 °C, about the same temperature as the human body. Thus, a chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa butter goes instantaneously from the solid state to the liquid state when you eat it. It's the speed of this physical transition which gives all the flavors to the chocolate.
  • The use of lecithin and other vegetable fats disrupts this balance because they melt at a higher temperature than cocoa butter. The tasting of these products will not give an optimal taste, because some components will remain in solid form while in contact with the palate: all the aromas will not be released.

It's the cocoa butter that provides the chocolate texture: its quick melting in the mouth provides multiple sensations of pleasure.

Chocolates using fat substitutes don't have the same melting characteristics and, generally, they don't completely melt at body temperature. They leave an unpleasant "waxy" feeling on the tongue.

The dark chocolate range of LES CHOCOLATS DE PAULINE contains 42.9% cocoa butter in order to give an amazing generous taste.