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Pauline is my beloved daughter and I wanted to create for her a range of fine chocolates… because she is delicious to me! Her chocolates are exactly like her : modern, smart, natural, concerned about environment and health, looking for simple pleasures and great tastes.

Signature JM Mortreau

We are dedicated to produce only fine chocolates so we carefully select the raw material we use every day.

“Les Chocolats de Pauline“ are made by hand in small batches following original recipes : with pure cocoa butter, without lecithin and without added vegetable fat.

The aim is to offer to all chocolate lovers, a sweet escape, an amazing taste experience.

Creating good chocolates 100% organically grown was our very first objective.



Today, we offer a wide range of premium organic chocolates thanks to our precious know-how and highquality raw materials. Thanks to this know-how and the mastery of our 20 professional chocolatiers, all our chocolates are also lecithin-free.

Our chocolates are rigorously selected :

• Most of our dark chocolates are composed of a minimum 70% cocoa. This high content gives it its incomparable taste and preserves all its nutritional qualities for the greater good of your palate and your health.

• Most of our milk chocolates are made of a minimum 40% cocoa which makes it less sweet than most other milk chocolates.

• Our white chocolate mainly used for Christmas and Easter decorations is made of 34% cocoa butter.




Discover our history in video

This film takes you on a journey to the heart of cocoa plantations. Discover the history of our chocolate, from the bean to the bar. We carefully select our beans in order to introduce all palates to the diversity of cocoa aromas. We offer you a gourmet journey around the world to discover varied terroirs and subtle aromas.